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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

POLITICS;We can't forget our political past

Are we Kenyan's sane.I tend to believe not too many of us.I understand we human beings have our own shortcomings but  but we Kenyans ours is so big in matters politics.
Politics is toxic but we can't ignore it.It's part of us.What we do,what we eat,where we walk is influenced by the politics of the day.Ignoring politics is just a useless venture.
Our political past requires much mediation and questioning.It is so heartbreaking and traumatizing.It has never been sweet melody.Our elections have been about gnashing and crushing of teeth.It is always a Shaitan moment.Always a moment for Satan's visitation.What really ails us?What defines how we conduct ourselves during election time?Why do we become animalistic?Why is there so much tribal mongering?
Life is sacred, that's a cliche from the holy books.But what happens when some of us lose their lives because of politics.Isn't that inhuman?
We need to learn from our past to forge a better Kenya.We are already into 2022 politics and the political environment is becoming toxic.
Do we all remember the 2007 post election violence?Those events should remain etched in our minds.We should ensure such a type of political nonsense never happens anymore.
We all remember the 2017 political tragedies.Baby pendo,Chris Msando,that young girl Eva Ngumbu...the list is endless,lost their precious lives.
Our leaders have shaken hands,but do they have to shake hands for us to maintain our sanity during election time?It's so unfair for Kenyans sanity to be restored by Political godfathers.What a shame!!!

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Sunday, 7 January 2018

road carnage:what about it

During the holiday season death wanders all over the country.This is more than a fact.It is factual.It is the naked truth. It seems death has a big nose that is very sensitive to the numerous locomotion of the ever moving being.It is saddening news that every holiday season many innocent and guilty people loose their lives to the grim reaper.Here, breadwinners are lost,loving parents,guardians,relatives, neighbours,...the list is endless.
It is very saddening that such preventable deaths occur.Man is to err but we can not always make the same mistakes every now and then.somebody said that is insanity,isn't it.
The major causes of all this  is well known to us but we seem not to care.Is the Kenyan too tired to hear the same things year in year out.It is not fare.It is inhuman and outright lunacy The problems are these:the never ending corruption perpetrated by the cunning traffic police,greed for  money among drivers who want to make a kill by doing as many trips as they can to quench their thirst for money. 
The normal Kenyan mentality is going to cost us greatly and in a negative way.We have a a transport ministry given the mandate to enhance Kenya's transport sector positively  but that  just remains  empty political rhetoric.Nothing happens.The minister  responsible takes home a fat salary for doing nothing tangible as hundreds of Kenyans perish everyday on our roads.We always hear of black spots/hot spots where accidents always occur but the responsibility always ends there. 
We then hear of checkpoints where vehicles are inspected but those are the places where corruption thrives abundantly.It is so shaming that adults who are given the responsibility of ensuing safety on our roads engage in such acts.It is just a normal routine whereby police officers take bribes in broad daylight and nothing happens to them.This leaves the passengers in the hands of many rogue drivers who give a little sum of money to get away without being inspected or being penalised. This has been with us for  decades, we know about it but we do not care.The minister in charge of transport knows about it but nothing happens.ANYWAY, WHO HAS BEWITCHED US.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Dear brother

Ooh!! you are  still afraid.You can not believe it. Matiangi has done his job. You are pondering on the next move but you do not  know what to do.You believe Matiangi is a scaring beast and a bulldozer who leaves no stone un-turned.Stop it brother.It is not yet over.There is still life after Matiangi's mass massacre of the good grades.Stop licking your wounds.So you now believe Matiangi did the  boy child injustice.You are  now even thinking that Matiangi has a little girlfriend from whom he gets orders from.Don't believe your crazy mind boy.
You believe the boy child has been denied his birthright because the girls have taken over the mantle that always belongs to the male.You and your cohorts have been dislodged by the weaker sex.Not even once but twice.Take it easy brother.Keep in mind that the African head always thinks that the man is the head.Take comfort in that as you await your next move which seems like it won't favour you.
Did you not see it in the papers that 90% of you fellow candidates  won't make it to university?. Am not happy about it.It is not fair.I believe we are headed in the wrong direction.And then today i opened the newspapers.What i read is sheer lunacy of some crazy wannabe examiner. Ati they are saying most questions required long answers but students gave lousy,sketchy and wrong ones.Brother do you believe it?Don't these people recognise the many answers you gave?
And then brother,there is this little thing i want you to ascertain whether it is right or wrong.They are saying that 60% of the students fraternity got between D and E.I know you know that it is not interesting news.Let me ask you an innocent question.Does Matiang'i respect the teachers? I bet he doesn't. These are shameful news.He means that our teachers did nothing worthy recognisable. He  has rendered them redundant.

Dear brother the sisters have taken over our territory.STOP licking your already swollen wounds.I know you are silently praying for Matiangi's exit. Do not do so brother. Matiangi is there to stay.Wait and you shall see. The very bad people you hate always outlive their haters.If you have failed to demolish Matiangi's beastly exams i bet you have teeth to demolish your fathers beasts with your razor sharp.young and hard teeth this Christmas.You can win a medal on that one. Go for it. Hope  it is  a fantastic idea..Real men do not cry over split milk.  They wake up, tidy themselves and conquer the world.You will win brother.  Do  not lose hope.Keep in mind you have about five decades to  traverse this unwelcoming world. It is not yet over brother. Merry Christmas do not forget to pray for yours truly.
                                                      Yours truly,
                                                      sami dzombo
                                                      The African Legend.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Most of Our Mp's are a greedy lot of compromising politicians with no fantastic future awaiting the ordinary citizens. Time and again we hear of disturbing cases of graft and immorality among the so called Honourable.The tittle of one being an Honourable is not an easy feat.Such tittles are not just dished out to anybody,they are earned and those recognised need to live to the expectations of the citizenry.
It is not admirable when we hear of our legislators being bribed to benefit a few people.Legislators are elected and chosen for getting majority votes.It is disheartening when we hear of Mp's accepting bribes to front motions,withdraw their hard stance on some matters or ask questions in parliament  for the benefit of a few individuals. 
 Am of the belief that elected leaders are supposed to serve their constituents and not  their mutual masters in the form of fellow politicians and business magnates. We   were recently treated to some drama by our parliamentarians as they fought over slots for the various committees in the parliament.We heard of disagreements here and there.Sometimes i believe our Mp's are too childish.We then heard of the scenario where our Mp's were bribed in order to vote for some individuals to head the committees.We then heard of the unnecessary lobbying by some politicians who wanted their candidates to be selected for the East Africa Legislative Assembly.
Am of the opinion that most of our Mp's are still immature.We can not have politicians who have no good principals to show that they are leaders of  quality.Leaders who give their nod to the highest bidder.Anyway this is just  a justification of the greater society where corruption is the order of the day.
Joe Khamisi captures it well in his book the Politics of betrayal where he talks of corruption in the corridors of parliament.In section two of the table of contents, the book  captures two subheadings;questions for cash and greedy legislators where he  candidly explains of the brazen corruption our legislators engage in.